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What we teach

An important part of choosing a school for your son or daughter is to check that the subjects on offer match their needs and will enable them to fulfil their aspirations.  Many young people know their strengths and preferences by the time they leave primary school but these can change and very few have a very clear idea of their future career path. The only course available to parents is to check that the provision offered at your chosen school is sufficiently broad based to be able to support your child in whatever direction he or she chooses to go.

We understand the importance of offering a broad range of subjects and pathways and have therefore carefully crafted a breadth of curriculum that we believe is exceptionally successful in catering to every child’s changing needs.

Post 16 subjects are often even more specialised resulting in an increased number available to students. In order to be able to offer as many of these as possible we have also joined in a collaboration with three other local Sixth Forms, so that if one of our students particularly wanted to specialise and study for example Photography as well as Art, they could do that with one of our collaboration partners with free travel provided by us to those lessons.

We hope you find the information provided in this section helpful and detailed but if you have any questions at all we will be delighted to help. Questions with regard to the curriculum should be directed to Mrs Juliet Duncan on email