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Providing an outstanding education to pupils with special needs is of the highest priority at Our Lady’s and our tremendous success measured both by exam results and the pupils’ general wellbeing and happiness underpins our confidence that we succeed.

Special educational needs are addressed by all staff on a daily basis.  To facilitate this every relevant form tutor and teacher is fully informed of a pupil’s special requirements and specialist help is available to the teachers whenever they need it.

The Learning Support Department itself is a substantial and vibrant department within school and led by Mrs Loxam. We have a large number of teaching assistants and higher level teaching assistants and they are all dedicated to the progress and development of those pupils with identified special needs. The teaching assistants either assist pupils in their normal classes or provide intensive help on a one to one or very small group basis to ensure their learning is accessible and enjoyable.

Although the members of the team work with teachers throughout the school, they have their own departmental area where they conduct specialist lessons. They have also forged very strong links with external agencies so that expertise can be sought from other specialists when it is thought it would be of benefit.

Please see below for a link to the local authorities SEND offer: