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Bus details

Governor Transport Subsidy

At Our Lady’s we are aware that many families will have been badly affected by the Local Authority’s decision to withdraw the transport subsidy for Catholic children who live more than three miles away from their nearest Catholic High School.

For pupils who are already at Our Lady’s, the free bus pass will continue as it will for those families who qualify for free school meals or full Working Tax Credit. Other children however, no longer qualify.

Our governors were anxious to help Catholic families continue to access the excellent education provision available at Our Lady’s and have therefore agreed a free bus pass for all Catholic children, joining us on denominational grounds, who live more than three miles from the school (please note this is for children joining us on a permanent basis and not those attending from a cultural exchange programme). If you would like to apply for a pass or are unsure how to access a Local Authority bus pass please contact Katy Walker on 66689.