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What we teach

Life Skills

As well as the many academic subjects our students can study, Our Lady’s teaches its young people a further wealth of knowledge and skills to enable them to be successful in their adult life. The students will learn about a very wide range of topics which can be broadly categorized under four headings – health and wellbeing; relationships and living in the wider world.

By the time our pupils leave us we will have taught them how to manage their personal and professional lives in a way that enables them to be happy and productive.

The way our students will learn their life skills will be as varied as the individual subject matter but will include structured careers advice including professionals visiting to tell them what their own jobs are like; guest experts and consultants to teach and guide them through such essential skills as time and stress management,  money management and confident teamwork.

We will publicise the events to individual classes, through this website and Facebook, on our digital communication screens and on our old-fashioned noticeboard. Many of the events will form part of the school day but others will be optional and some will be designed for parents to come along as well.

Please encourage your child to involve themselves fully with all our events – life skills will be the essential accompaniment to their academic achievement.