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KS4 results

DfE League Tables 2014

DfE League Tables 2014

Our Lady's is one of the best schools in the country for improving the educational prospects of all the children who attend.

Regardless of the controversy surrounding school league tables, they do give a good indication of a school's academic success relative to other schools. Perhaps the fairest measure of all, the value that the school has added to each individual pupil from the day they started to the day they completed their GCSEs, places Our Lady's in the top 3% in the country*.

That’s not all we do brilliantly, however, please take the time to study the table below.


NB a 'facilitating subject’ is an A Level that is particularly sought after by prestigious universities for a wide range of their courses eg. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English Literature etc.

* Data from FFT CVA.