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Our Lady’s Catholic College

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Afritwin 2015

The three teachers left the UK on Monday 25th May and after a night in Cape Town arrived in Durban on the Wednesday. Whilst in Durban the teachers spent four days in their partner schools, joining a wide range of lessons and speaking to various teachers about possible joint projects. The two high schools are hoping to set up joint art projects looking at the local area and local architecture. Mrs Knowles was able to take photographs of work produced by year 7 Our Lady’s Art students. The pupils at Durban Girls’ High are planning on producing similar work based on their local area later this year. Mrs Knowles also took some ‘Travel Guides’ about Lancaster, produced by Our Lady’s pupils, and these are now on display in the library at Durban Girl’s High. We are also hoping to develop links between the food technology departments in the two schools, comparing traditional recipes. The Art department at the Girls’ High school is very keen to create links using ICT in order to share art work and speak to each other about their experiences. Mrs Knowles also took letters from one of her year 7 classes and a grade 8 class at Durban Girls’ High school wrote replies which she was able to bring back with her. 

During their time in Durban the teachers also visited a township school in Kwamashu. Here they were able to spend time in lessons and the pupils performed traditional Zulu songs and dancing for them. They also took pens, pencils etc over with them for the school.

A reciprocal visit by the teachers from Durban is planned for September when they will visit the three schools here and further develop the links made.