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Nuffield Project


Report by Celestine Leadbeater - Year 13

My Nuffield project was based at Lancaster University where I helped Dr Chris Arridge develop a Virtual Reality game about the Solar System. I did this through storyboarding scenes, learning how to code and then developing the scenes in a program called Glitch. My storyboards where divided into groups of different physical features of the different worlds in Space. For example, “Craters” or “Volcanoes and Mountains”. During my time at my placement, we managed to develop a scene of the Earth and Moon of which I managed to code the Earth in. We also began the development of a flight over Olympus Mons which is a dormant volcano on Mars. I formed the flight plan using Latitude and Longitude along with some simple Maths on Edexcel. By the end of my placement, my supervisor had actually built the shell of Olympus Mons and managed to input my flight plan onto it. From the placement, I learnt how computer programming is often used in Physics to build ideas as it can often be quite difficult to envision what different theories are trying to say.

I got involved with Nuffield through Mrs Lowe who had already had other students in past years apply for the Nuffield placement scheme. The application process involved us writing a personal statement as to why we wanted to do a placement and also in which field specifically we wanted to do it in. We were then emailed if we had got a place and then met the coordinator of this district, Sarah Fenton, at Lancaster University where she ran through what we should expect and what we should do to complete our placement.