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Our Lady’s Catholic College

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Interhouse Competitions

A report by Mr Martin - Assistant Subject Leader for PE

Recently in the news it has mentioned that many pupils do not get involved in the wider life of the school and miss out on key life skills, however at Our Lady's we believe that to get the most out of your time here you must get involved in the school community. This is present throughout the school in many formats including fundraising and charity based events, school dance shows and theatrical productions, science and maths competitions, art and design exhibitions and sporting events.

The inter-house platform is here to celebrate all these areas of school life and this year in particular it has focused on voluntary participation, encouraging others and taking on new challenges, which I am very pleased to say has been met with enthusiasm and positivity from pupils and staff alike. House points have also been awarded for aspire points which can be awarded for both academic and non academic reasons as well as attendance.

More pupils than ever before have been involved in the inter-house challenges, which has led to a very close race between the two houses (Luce and Veritas). It is wonderful to witness young people grow in confidence and engage in new activities and experiences with such excitement which is a real testament to the staff and pupils at Our Lady's.

Interhouse Netball Results

Year 7

LUCE = 20


Year 8

LUCE = 30


Year 9

LUCE = 10


Interhouse Football Results

Year 7

LUCE = 65


Year 8

LUCE = 55


Year 9

LUCE = 25


Year 10

LUCE = 40



Sub Total





Here is a link to the photo gallery which has lots of pictures of the student in action during event matches: