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Netball Match Report



On Thursday 28th September our year 9 netball team (Emma, Grace, Georgia, Paula, Maria, Garcia, Megan, Miriam, Paris) went to Heysham high and played a great match leading to the score of OLCC 2 - 12 HHS. Heysham high had very good tactics , speed and overall worked well as a team with there swift and accurate passing and great shooting leading to there win . On the other hand our netball team also played very well with our teamwork and excellent use of space. The defending side tried their very best to stop Heysham from shooting even though it was very tough as Heysham placed their best players in the shooting area. Overall we had a great match which was fun and enjoyable with player of the match going to Emma Hobson.

We aim to improve next time we play them with more commitment and practise and we will hope that we can beat them. In the meantime we will be preparing for our next match.


Written by Emma Hobson - Year 9 Netball Captain 2017