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Technology Visit


On 17th January 2017, Year 9 and 10 technology students went on a factory visit to the Infinis centre of excellence. Infinis  had organised the day to give something back to the local community. 

A little background about Infinis - Infinis is a company that has 121 sites around the UK, generating electricity from the methane gas produced on landfill sites using gas engines.  At the centre of excellence at White Lund, they provide staff training  and service/repair gas engines.  The company at present has 40% stake of the UK  land fill gas sites. 

The day involved having a presentation regarding the company background, career profiles and presentations of how staff worked their way up in life, mentoring for job interview questions and finally a 10 minute interview for each student.  The staff's stories were often quite humbling to hear, some had worked their way up with no qualifications and were now managers.  All the staff attended to local schools.

Two students who particularly stood out were Lois Hulse - Year 10 and Luke Hodgson - Year 9, winning iTunes vouchers at the end of the day.  They were also impressed with Alison Kidd's answers at the interview and Kashif Islam's inquisitive questioning.  The manager also said that  Zac  Carney could be employed on an apprenticeship programme with the company.

All the students were told that they could contact the company in the future for careers help and help/advice  with applying for jobs and Infinis welcomed future participation with other OLCC pupils. 

Some photographs from the day are attached below.