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Our Lady’s Catholic College

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OLCC Hunger Games 2016


Jack Nicholls from Year 13 wrote the following article desciribing the Our Lady's Hunger Games experience:

On Friday 25th November a group of 30 Sixth Form pupils braved the freezing conditions  and took part in Our Lady’s first ever Hunger Games.  The Hunger Games was a fundraising opportunity to raise money for our local homeless charity, LDHAS. Each Tribute represented a form group in the school, working together to raise funds.

The night began with all pomp and circumstance in the traditional Hunger Games style, with an opening ceremony of dance and speeches led by Mrs Lowe, dressed up as Effy, from the Capitol.

The cymbal sounded signalling the start of the games and all tributes, after preparing their sleeping area for the night with cardboard, gathered around the fire for their first task.  Silence fell as the tributes listened to their first trial- to avert danger and be camouflaged. The aim of this trial was for the tributes to work together and camouflage one of their team member’s hands. After a hard fought battle the champions were Lucy Walker and team, declared by Jack, our expert.

Once again the symbol crashed booming through the courtyard. The tributes were gathered within seconds awaiting their trial brief, this time the trial captain was Mr Daglish. A test of fitness, stamina and commitment, these were the aims of the second trial. All the action was live, as Mr Daglish found which Tribute could star jump for the longest time. After 17 minutes, the final two people standing were Abi and Sam. Abi claimed victory, well done Abi!

The third trial tested the reaction time of the tributes, each and every one eager to try and win the tokens that were up for grabs. With music blasting out of the hall into the courtyard the tributes danced until the music stopped with the eagle eyed judges awaiting their next victims of movement when the music stopped.  (Yes, we played musical statues!) Angela claimed the tokens of this trial, after being tested to her limits.

Homemade soup was on the agenda after the tributes third trial. Freshly prepared by Mrs Monaghan, the cups of hot chicken and vegetable soup were dished out to our tributes and we were thankful also for the yummy bread donated by Mrs Lowe.

At the stroke of eleven the symbols crashed and echoed round the courtyard symbolising the next trial was about to be unveiled; the poison berry trial. Within this trial the teams are again working together but in this test of luck. The aim of this trial is for every member of a team to pick a cup and eat its contents. 2 out of 3 contained normal sweets whereas the third cup contained a sour sweet known to many as Toxic Waste, these were the trial’s poison berries. Each member of the groups would pick a sweet and if they got a poison berry they were out. The trial came to a close with it being classed as a tie due to running out of sweets so no one claimed the victory, but many enjoyed a sweet of two!

Without a minute to spare, the symbol crashed again and the tributes gathered for the 5th time within the games. The trial was a simple one that was to keep up with the daily trends; the mannequin challenge. Once again we went live and the tributes got into position and waited for VIP Mr Daglish to begin filming. The tributes were statues as they waited for to complete the recording. The tributes then danced away the night and completed the conga.

The 6th trial was a test of reaction. The tributes were in a duel against each other as every tribute had a cone between them and their partner. The trial captain gave the tributes different commands that they had to follow through with, one of which being the first to grab the cone.

After the challenge the tributes all gathered round the fire pit and toasted marshmallows together as one community.

1am soon came upon us and we realised everyone was starting to feel drained of any energy so by 2am; the Tributes were free to sleep if they could. This is where we learned that as the night gets colder, so do you and when you sleep, any heat you may have had stored up slowly disappears leaving you colder in the morning. We realised that even though our conditions for the night were better than people who are actually homeless, we still gained an idea of what it is like without our comforts and things we take for granted such as our warm beds and showers.  

One tribute commented, “I think the campout has so far let us experience the true meaning of friendship as it is pushing people past their limits. It is letting us experience the reality what some people in the world experience every night. The night has also shown us that it can be tough to sleep rough and out in the cold especially in the winter months but also that people are willing to help others as evident with the money that has been raised already for the event through the different year groups and the family and friends of the different tributes.”

 The night’s event carried on with many huddled around the fire for warmth and a series of games, riddles and songs kept us going throughout the night.

We were all very thankful when dawn broke and breakfast arrived for us courtesy of Mr and Mrs Bates. Mrs Seddon also arrived to congratulate everyone and we all tided up before wearily making our way back home.

We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us throughout this event. It was a difficult evening and yet very worthwhile. We hope the money raised will go a long way to helping those homeless in and around Lancaster this Christmas. Also we are incredibly proud of all students who took part in the event!