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Netball Report - OLCC vs Central High School


Report written by Georgia Clark (Year 8)

We began with centre first, and kept the ball at our side. In the first quarter we took the lead with our 1st goal from Lola. In this game we worked well as a team and communicated effectively.

In the second quarter we didn’t score anything but neither did the opponent (Central) allowing us to remain in the lead.  We used more space on the netball court enabling us to move away from our opponent and maintain possession of the ball. In the 3rd quarter we scored 2 more goals  by Georgia Clark.  

In this game we used short passes and piverting with more perspective. Becky was good at quickly passing the ball whilst in the defending position, Grace with quick reactions was able to snatch the ball and defend our goal as Goal Keeper, meaning the other team could not score. Emma who was in the Goal Defence kept the ball out of Central's hands  and marked her players amazingly.

In the final quarter of the game we scored another 2 goals and took the win with 5 goals to 0!

Player off the match was Goal Attack Georgia Clark for her 'fantastic shooting techniques'. We all enjoyed ourselves and are over the moon to have won our second game of the year. Lets hope we have another victory against Ripley!