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Netball Match Reports

On Wednesday the 5th October, the Year 8 and 9 teams travelled to Morecambe High School and despite having very few practices played with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately on the day they came second to more experienced home teams.

For Year 9 - Gracie scored the Our Lady’s point, and all the girls contributed to a promising display. Rhianna Brocklebank was given player of the match because, despite having grazed both her knees, she still managed to play a fantastic game, snatc...hing the ball for Our Lady’s when it seemed almost impossible.

The Year 8 girls really enjoyed themselves and played well. Everyone had a fair play and got to try out the positions they wanted. Lola Perez Navarrete got man of the match playing goal defence and Laura Taylor did an awesome job at wing defence.

We may not have won but it was the team spirit that counted. Well done to both teams and a big thank you to all the staff who organise these opportunities for the pupils to enjoy playing sport.

Year 9 Netball Team
Year 8 Netball Team