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Make Some NOISE!


On Friday 30th September, 7 pupils alongside Rachel, our Chaplain, set off to Thornleigh Salesian College in Bolton (With a helpful taxi service from Mr Barrow!) to attend Make Some Noise. Make Some Noise is a youth gathering for young people and a chance to celebrate our faith in a fun and vibrant way!

We arrived an hour early for the event so we dumped our bags and went exploring the delights of Bolton. We found a McDonald’s and an Asda!

Over 250 young people soon gathered and we kick started the event with games and icebreakers. We then met in smaller groups for more fun challenges and a great way to meet new people. After some free time and a Belgium dance lesson, we gathered in the Chapel for a beautiful evening prayer and exposition.

Then it was off to our respective classrooms to sleep (well, we were supposed to sleep but instead more celebrations were to be had with midnight feasts, singing and watching movies.)

A very tired bunch of people woke up the next day to a full English breakfast. We then gathered for a morning prayer where we reflected on being our true selves and not being a selfie!

This was followed by a full day of fun and games. The sun was shining down on us as we completed challenges such as indoor caving, gladiator duel, inflatable assault course, fun fair rides, cooking, sports, surf simulator and football pool. It was so much fun that we really did not want to leave.  

The day was brought to a close with the celebration of Mass, and it truly was a wonderful celebration, with lots of music, dancing and clapping. Pupils commented, “I really liked the Mass because it was active and a lot of singing” and “Songs and Mass were my favourite part of the day because it was really cheerful”.  Mrs Seddon joined us for the final celebration and then we departed, saying goodbye to all the new friends we had met, and looking forward to next time.

To see photographs of the weekend then please click on the following link: