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Our Lady’s Catholic College

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#Uganda16 Schools Project


We have arrived safely back after an exciting and extremely successful trip. Challenges on the trip were many this time: all luggage delayed over 48 hours, worry re attempted coup in Turkey as we changed planes in Istanbul and several students and staff ill with a virus / stomach upset. However, the students coped with this with an unbelievably cheerful attitude. I am absolutely certain that they have returned with an increased resilience and confidence which will support them well in the future. This was one of the prime objectives of the trip.

The other main objective of the trip was to train teachers and provide schools with resources. Our O Level chemistry courses and English courses were completely over-subscribed. 53 teachers attended the chemistry courses and a similar number in English. The chemistry A level course was conducted in a very poor school and attended by a rat as well as local teachers! There were no sinks and all washing of apparatus was done in bowls on the grass. We will appreciate our facilities at OLCC so much more now.

The resources we took over and purchased in Kampala were very gratefully received. This included over £10,000 worth of science equipment, stationery and laminated resources for over 100 teachers, 100 primary curriculum books, 3 tag rugby kits, 3 brand new lap-tops, 3 data projectors, a scanner, DVDs, a digital camera and other ICT equipment which had been requested. Our Sixth Form paid for the building of a community shop which our students helped to paint at Nyamirama.  The training courses were provided free of charge and the cost of all lunches and refreshments for the delegates was provided by OLCC. Feedback was excellent and very touching at times. One school wrote ‘At long last am hopeful this time round we shall have a gas syringe in our school.’

Our students led workshops for younger students in first aid, dance, tag rugby, plate tectonics, poetry, creative writing and philosophy. At times there were more than 50 students in these classes and they all received an insight into the demands of the teaching profession in terms of classroom management and preparation! Our students also spent a lot of time learning African dance (with varying degrees of success!) They enjoyed playing basketball with the boys at the Seminary and loved the various concerts and presentations we were treated to by the different schools.

We were accompanied on our trip by a priest called Father Sunday who looked after us so well. We were stunned by the singing and music of the boys at the Seminary during early morning services and Masses. The Sunday Mass at St Paul’s School was also beautiful and we all joined in with singing and dancing throughout the service. On the return journey we visited a safari park and were blessed to see three male lions just 5 minutes into our Safari Drive – apparently almost unheard of!

We would like to thank all who contributed to this trip from the bottom of our hearts. We have been privileged to work with the Ugandan people who are so friendly and welcoming and have been reassured by them that the work we have done is useful and relevant.

Please use the following link to look at photographs

If you would like to learn more about the trip then please come to our Presentation at school on Monday 3 October at 5.30 pm.