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Match Report - Rounders

Year 10 OLCC V Ripley St Thomas Academy


 On Wednesday 20th April, the Year 10 girls rounders team played a home match against Ripley St Thomas Academy.

 They worked well as a team, listening to each other and they used all of their previous experience to the best of their ability in the first match of the year. The first innings were the strongest for OLCC with some fantastic communication and fielding skills. As a team they all tried their best and didn't give up despite Ripley being a strong trained team. Coming to the end of the first innings OLCC had collected 9 ½ rounders. Throughout the first innings the bowler and backstop had a good working relationship - getting the ball to and from each other efficiently. When long throws needed to be passed to second base, the bowler and deep fielder behind 2nd base helped to support and back up 2nd base showing a very positive team spirit. All the deep fielders worked hard, collecting and returning the balls that were hit beyond the reach of the base holders, they then made sure there was a chain reaction between players to get the ball back to base, minimising the points scored by Ripley. At the end of the first innings the score was tied at 6 ½ rounders each.

After a short manager’s talk by Miss Halkic the second innings began. The team were obviously weary after a very intense first half and somewhere along the way the girls lost their momentum with little faults occurring, but they didn't give up.  The bowler began to feel the pressure and the fielders became very tired which led to Ripley being able to score more points as the team weren’t 100% focused and the group were not communicating as well as the first innings. When the girls came to bat against Ripley for the second time they tried their hardest as a team to ensure that they kept scoring points and aiming not to get caught out. The team demonstrated strength and power in their batting techniques and managed to hit the ball hard and far setting up an advantage to score more points as  Ripley had to work harder and use more energy.  In the second innings we manage a 3 more rounders. The final score Ripley 18 and Our Lady’s 12 ½ - a disappointing loss, but the girls are now determined to train even harder and their team spirit is strong!



Chloe Hargreaves

Klaudia Bilicz

Lauran Hodgson

Leah Clarke

Zoe Mills

Sacha Bowman

Chloe Meaney


Year 10 Girl's Rounders Team