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Year 10 Match Report: Inter-House Football

The Year 10 tournament between Luce and Veritas kicked off with Veritas strong favourites to win the match up. They showed their dominance early on as Brandon Carter slotted the ball into the back of the net. The finish didn't’t reflect the whole attacking movement though as there was some excellent build-up play before the goal; the whole team contributing to a quick 1-0 lead. This lead wasn't’t kept for long though as Nathan Kernik buried the ball in the back of the net to equal the score line. The game carried on strongly right to the final second with end to end action, both teams came close however neither could grab that elusive winner.

The second game was 0-0 draw between the two teams. Both teams tried and tried to get a goal but neither of them could break the defensive walls both teams had put up. Neither goalkeeper had much to do because there were very few chances created. With the ball being kicked up in the air constantly, it looked more like a game of head tennis than a game of football.  However, in the last second, the centre back for Veritas cleared the ball from a Luce header, it looped over the top of the Luce keeper and hit the cross bar. It was the most interesting thing that happened in the game.

Both teams in the third game tired throughout the game which meant this match was quite slow paced. Play became more forceful and a two footed tackle cleaned out Connor Price. The only highlight in the game was a goal that came from a pass in and poor defending. This led to an own goal allowing Veritas to come out on top and take the game 1-0.