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Year 9 Match Report:Inter-House Football

A poor turnout from the Year 9s meant that only three teams were playing on this match day. Two games and a friendly y could have led to a disappointing competition but there was some good football to watch.

All week, Luce have been on top, winning at Monday and Tuesday lunch times. However, Veritas got one back today with a win over Luce. With Luce lacking in commitment and only having one team, whilst Veritas had two, it was tipped in their favour from the start.

The first game was an easy 2-0 win for Veritas, with Luce not even putting up a challenge. Luce turned up, didn't’t look interested and this showed. Veritas dominated from start to finish, and with that win, hopefully their confidence will help them with further victories in the future.

The second game between the Veritas second team and Luce was again a win for Veritas. A nice cross goal finish into the bottom right corner gave Veritas their second victory of the day. This showed how the Veritas house have come in with a positive mind frame and proved they are still a formidable force in the competition.

The final game was a simple friendly between the Veritas house teams as time needed to be filled. The two sides battled an equal game which meant that there was no clear winner from the start off. However the final score ended 2-0 to Veritas 1 and this friendly will surely have pushed them into further games with a positive outlook.