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Year 8: Lunchtime Inter-House Football Roundup (5 a side)

Report written by Cameron Cunningham, Joe Hinton and Sam Conroy

In a thrilling matchup between Veritas and Luce, there was exciting moments from both sides ensuring a captivating encounter!

The first game had an interesting start, with the greens (Luce) going 1-0 up within the first minute. However, with Luce playing seven men instead of 5, the Veritas manager, Harry Edmondson was livid with the devious plan to have two extra players! So after a quick substitution, the game was back underway. Once again, Luce scored within the first minute with a glorious header. After a further 3 minutes, the game grew tiresome, with no decent action from either team. With a Luce victory, the manager Harry Cody, with his inspirational speech gave the greens some kind words and a lot of praise which we hope will inspire them to further victories.

In the second game between Luce and Veritas it came close throughout the game; up and down the pitch by both teams, making sure that both keepers always had work to do, unfortunately for Veritas, Matthew ‘the cat` Sheard made sure that Luce didn’t concede with some great one on one saves producing a magnificent effort to deny Veritas’ strikers. Although the game was held to a 0-0 draw, there were some outstanding individual efforts on both sides. One to mention was Lochlan’s strike at goal that just missed the mark and some great encouragement from the spectators.

In the third match, another 0-0 draw occurred with very minimal highlights of the game. In the game there were a few counter attack opportunities and a few chances made from breaks in play. The closest chances came at the very end with intense moments in both team boxes with defenders and attackers flooding the box trying to get the ball into the net. However the spectators continued to encourage and there was outstanding effort from both teams.

In the last game, the most thrilling scenes came from this match, with a 2-0 win to Luce with an intense performance right to the end. The first goal came from a cross in from a throw in and a nice volley into the netting to make it 1-0. The game then lost its intensity until a quick counter led Veritas in front of goal but was excellently stopped by Matthew ‘the cat` Sheard tipping it over the bar to keep the score 1-0. At the very end Luce came back with a match ending goal to make it 2-0 with a simple tap in to pull away from the opposition. All in all a very thrilling match to watch.