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Our Lady’s Catholic College

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The Olive Branch

Our Lady’s Catholic College had a Mufty day last Friday to raise money for the Olive Branch. They filled tubs up to the brim with canned goods to donate to those in need in our local area.

Olive Branch is a Christian charity serving and helping those in need in Lancaster. They actively respond to the needs of others and are committed to reaching out to the vulnerable individuals in the community. One way they do this is in providing food hampers to those struggling to feed their families.

Our Lady’s pupils have recently celebrated the Harvest Festival, a time of thanksgiving. In doing so they also learnt about those less fortunate within the local area. Therefore as a school it was decided that instead of just learning about those in need, we would also help them.

Both staff and pupils worked together over the following few weeks in organising the event that happened on Friday culminating in over £600 being raised for this worthwhile charity as well as hundreds of food donations.

We are very proud of our students in their generosity and thankful also to staff and parents who helped support pupils with their donations. We hope Olive Branch will be able to support those in need well into the winter with our donations and we look forward to continuing our support of such a valuable local charity.