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Our Lady’s Catholic College

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This term, Year 10 and 11 pupils welcomed members of the Cenacolo Community into school to come and share their life experiences with us.

The Cenacolo Community was founded by Mother Elvira Petrozzi, an Italian nun, in 1983 as a place which gives hope and an opportunity to live an addiction-free life. It offers help to those who have lost direction and enables them to go forward with new strength to face the challenges of everyday.  There are now some 60 Cenacolo houses worldwide, one of which being just outside of Kendal.

Two young members of the community visited the school to share their experiences of life in the community and how they have turned from their past addictions, to find a new hope in the support from their brothers, in the community, and from their faith in God. The individuals talked honestly and humbly  about their pasts and enabled students to gather a deeper understanding of addictions and of the grace of God. The sessions ended with a time where students could ask any further questions they had.

We are most grateful to Cenacolo for their time and for sharing so openly with our students.