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Our Lady’s Catholic College

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Year 7 Day with a Difference

On Friday 20th November, all Year 7 pupils arrived in school, eager to find out how this day would be a 'Day with a Difference'.

As soon as the bell rang out, pupils gathered in the main hall ready and waiting for the day to begin. The day started with an assembly led by sixth form students, Matthew, Ruby, Charlie and Eleanor. The theme of the assembly was anti-bullying. This was delivered as part of the national anti-bullying week and gave pupils in Year 7 an opportunity to reflect on bullying and to feel encouraged and aware of the support available to them.

Following the assembly and prayer time, the Theme of the day was revealed: RESPECT.

Pupils were then split into form groups and instead of regular timetabled lessons, the Day with a Difference began with guest speakers delivering workshops on our theme.We welcomed speakers from Savio House, UR Space, Niscu and the Columbans who all brought creative ideas to help our pupils reflect and learn about respecting ourselves, others and the world around us.

The different activities were carried out in a way unexperienced by the pupils before and enticed them to join in with lots of fun and games. The creative side of the pupils were revealed with a range of different artwork and drama which celebrated their gifts and talents. Opportunities arose for the pupils to join in with a number of different discussions, reflections and prayers.

The day was brought to an end with forms groups gathering in our Chapel to reflect on the day,  pupils wrote on their hands their messages and prayers of hope to the world. As the final bell rang out, the pupils departed the school with a deeper awareness of their own value and dignity and to respect that dignity in others and in the world God created for us.

Workshop leaders congratulated our pupils for a wonderful day and commented on how friendly and well behaved our pupils are. Once again, well done Year 7!