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Year 8 Day with a Difference

Last Friday we led our Year 8 Day With a Difference- a day off normal school timetable to reflect and take stock of our lives and the world in which we live.  The theme of the day was mercy, looking at how we receive God's mercy and also how to be merciful to others.

We were happy to welcome into our school Terry Mattinson, Jonny Dearden, Emma Stringer, Kate Wilkinson and Clare Plasom-Scott, who prepared workshops for our students to attend, alongside our RE teachers.

The day started with an act of collective worship where pupils volunteered to demonstrate what mercy actually means. Kate, a Lay Chaplain from Manchester, then led us through a reflection of how we can choose to be merciful in every situation. The pupils then began their first workshop and throughout the day, visited all workshops which saw students looking at the theme from many varied angles.

Clare led the pupils in a very informative workshop based on the charity Life and how they show mercy by supporting pregnant women who are in need of help.

Kate and Jonny led a very creative workshop where pupils prepared poems, songs and even raps based on mercy and reflected on the words of Pope Francis.

Students enjoyed Terry's session commenting how they felt more confident about themselves after the session.

A reflective drawing session was led by Emma, looking at the different areas of our lives and where we give and receive mercy.

Mr Bates and Mr O'Kane looked at forgiveness scenarios in everyday life. Students enjoyed their demonstration about toothpaste- showing how difficult it is to return it back into the toothpaste tube. They compared this to the words we say to others- once they are out of our mouths, you cannot return them and as a result we can hurt others.

Overall the students enjoyed the day and shared what they have learnt below:

“To be merciful makes the world a better place because you shouldn’t fight hate with hate”

“I have learnt that a mother and daughter learnt to forgive a murderer that killed their beloved son. Maybe we need to forgive more often”

“I learnt about mercy and about actually how many people need our help in this world. There are more than everyone thinks”

“What mercy is and why we need it, and why the Pope wants it to be a Year of Mercy”

“All life is equal and unique and we should respect that and do all we can for other’s lives, as they have rights, as I do.”

We would like to thank our workshop leaders for all their help and inspiration, helping us to continue practising mercy in this Holy year.