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Year 8 Language Options Form

Pupils in year 8 S Band have had the opportunity to study both French and Spanish this year as part of their curriculum.

For Year 9, pupils will select one of these languages to continue. Now that pupils have an understanding of both languages, it is important to specialise in one should they opt for a language at GCSE.

When making the decision about which language to take, it is important that pupils consider both their enjoyment and ability in each language. Since we have been out of usual lessons for many weeks, if you would like to speak to your child’s language teacher before making this decision, they are available via email.

Ms L Newton-Gullick

Miss E Hurst

Miss J Duncan

Please select one of 3 options: French, Spanish, or No Preference. If you select No Preference, your teachers will decide for you.

Please complete this online form by Monday 22nd June. If the form is not returned by this date, you will be allocated a language group.

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