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Our Lady’s Catholic College

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Parent Governor Nomination Form

Below is an e-form for completion to request nomination for the current vacant parent governor role. Should you wish to request a paper copy of the form to complete please contact Katy Walker at the school.

A. Eligibility

1. All parents of pupils at the school and, in the case of maintained nursery schools, parents of children for whom educational or other provision is made on the premises of the school can be nominated as a candidate for a parent governor election except for:
(a) Elected Members of the Local Authority
(b) Anyone paid to work at the school for more than 500 hours in any consecutive 12 month period.

B. Nomination

1. Any parent who wants to be considered for the role of parent governor should complete the form below and submit it by 12.00 noon on Monday 24th September. Please note there can be no extension beyond this time and date.
2. Candidates should complete the section that requests a personal statement with some information about themselves, their background and why they wish to be a governor. This information will be sent with the voting papers to all parents to help them decide how to use their votes.

C. Parent Governors

1. The governing body of the school has several categories of governor, and "parent governor" is one of these categories. All governors carry equal status. Please see the information in the section Parent Governor Election Information to find out more information about the parent governor role.
2. Responsibility rests in the governing body as a whole. Individual governors only have responsibility collectively in the governing body. To be a governor does not give personal authority.
3. The term of office for a parent governor is 4 years, and a parent governor does not have to resign if his/her child ceases to be a pupil at the school before that period of time ends, though s/he may do so if s/he wishes.

D. Disqualification

1. Regulations disqualify certain individuals from becoming a governor. The appendix included in the website section 'Parent Governor Election Information' outlines the disqualification criteria. Prospective governors should read it carefully before proceeding with their nomination.

I wish to be considered for the role of parent governor at Our Lady's Catholic College. By completing the form below I am confirming that I am a firm candidate for the role and that I am not disqualified from becoming a governor. Should I be elected I agree that if I subsequently become disqualified I will notify the Clerk to the Governors in writing. Should I be elected I understand that information on my governship will be made available to the County Council for its use in providing support to school governors (in this respect of Data Controller is Lancashire County Council and the nominated officer for data protection is the Data Protection Officer.)