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Our Lady’s Catholic College

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Sixth Form Results

2015 was statistically the second best set of A Level Results in the history of the school. Not surprisingly then that there were lots of happy faces on A Level results day as the vast majority of students received the results they had been hoping for, leading to their first choice of university course or apprenticeship.

Our Lady’s Sixth Form offers a very broad curriculum of both A Level and vocational subjects and this enables students to choose a ‘mixed diet’ of these qualifications where appropriate.  64% of the grades obtained by students taking three or more A Levels were A*-B. Most of these were in the more challenging facilitating subjects, enabling entry into the Russell Group of Universities such as Edinburgh, Manchester and King’s College, London.

Vocational subject grades were outstanding with 69% of grades at Distinction*. Students taking either a mix of A Levels and vocational subjects or purely vocational achieved very high point scores, enabling them entrance to the  more competitive vocational university courses such as primary teaching, nursing and social work. Many of our students have also been successful in obtaining high quality apprenticeships in subjects such as ICT, accountancy and engineering with prestigious companies such as EDF.

Our students’ achievement in Sixth Form is even more creditable because as with everything else at Our Lady’s we are passionately inclusive and also accept students who are not academically gifted and have perhaps not done too well at GCSE.