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Our Lady’s Catholic College

Learn, Live, Love, Together...

About our School

We are proud of being a Catholic College and we strive to root our core values and practices in the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ. We try to make sure that His teaching of 'love' and 'caring' is a daily reality at Our Lady’s and we were heartened therefore that our most recent Ofsted Inspection confirmed that ‘The school fosters a welcoming environment where all feel valued and treated with respect’’ and the Diocesan Inspection concluded that we were quite simply an ‘outstanding Catholic school’ where amongst the pupils ‘care and mutual support are palpable’.

Our Lady’s Catholic College is where Academic Excellence and Christian Values combine and we were delighted to become the most improved school in Lancashire in 2010, to consolidate that improvement in 2011 and 2012 and to receive a special letter of congratulations from the County Director of Universal and Early Support Services for our outstanding exam results in summer 2013.

2014 results were again simply outstanding and with 2015 results we have consolidated absolutely our position as the leading school locally for pupil progress which means that all students achieve exceptionally well at Our Lady’s whether they are academically gifted and require constant stretch and challenge or less able and need a lot of additional help with learning.

We are exceptionally proud of our inclusivity and the provision we offer our most vulnerable students has been cited on numerous occasions as exemplary by independent experts. At the other end of our ability range we are delighted that many of our brightest pupils have gone on to make careers in highly academic and caring professions such as medicine.

We hold an Open Evening each year which is well advertised both on this site, in school publications and in the local press. This is a good way for any family looking for the best for their son or daughter to find out about a school and meet the staff. Even better though is to ask to visit the school on an ordinary working day and see for yourself how our pupils enjoy their learning and witness the warm, caring relationships that epitomise our community. If you would like to make an appointment for me to show you around, please contact my personal assistant Paul Wood on 01524 66689 or to arrange a mutually convenient time.

With best wishes
Helen Seddon